Our Executives

Pete Wagar

President - Pete Wagar

I came to swing dance looking for a fun club to relax in and I found it. Swing dance is the perfect activity for letting loose and relaxing. The people here are amazing. We're a family here- that's what I love about this club. We're all learning new things together and having a great time through it all.

Joined Fall Semester, 2016

Vice President - Lizzy Gott

The sense of community I've felt and the friendships I've made in swing dance really lift this club from 'fun' to 'amazing.' What attracted me to swing is that the point is to not be exclusive; dance with anyone and everyone! You meet so many wonderful people by being a part of such a social and inclusive group.

Joined Fall Semester, 2015

Lizzy Gott
Carver Johnson

Secretary - Carver Johnson

I joined this club because I had $20 and a dream... and I couldn’t find Italian club at student org night. I would recommend this club because it doesn’t take any prior experience. I knew nothing about swing my first day and now I’m one of the instructors. For me, swing dance is all about the people. They definitely make it easy to stay.

Joined Fall Semester, 2016

Social Chair - Michelle Negley

When I put my put my name on the email list fall of my freshman year, I had no idea what I was getting myself into. These people are some of the greatest friends I can have. There's no doubt about it, Swing Dance Club is my home!

Joined Fall Semester, 2015

Michelle Negley
Sophia Welch

Treasurer - Sophia Welch

I joined this club because I loved the music. I listened to swing for the longest time and to be able to dance (in general) made it even better! This club is a good balance because it allows for fun and exercise but understands the college student workload. I recommend this club to people who like dancing, friends, fun, the era, the music, or who are just looking for something new.

Joined Fall Semester, 2016