It's easy to see the damage Kennecott Copper Mine has done to the planet: the destruction of earth, air, and water in the area is monumental. The only question is- when it's finished, what should be put in its place? Traditionally, open-pit mines are made into a landfill when the mine is no longer useful, because the destruction of the earth is so great that a landfill is virtually the only useful thing that can go on that land. However, I propose a more modern, unique solution: a ski resort.

Utah already has several ski resorts in the state, with 10 within a 1-hr radius of the Salt Lake City airport alone. Therefore, another would not be out of place, and would very much fit in with the snowy, mountainous desert landscape and the culture of the people who live here. Many of the people who live in the area are Mormons who believe firmly in clean living. Replacing an open-pit mining operation that can be seen from space with a landfill that can be seen from space is not so appealing, to the eye or the nose or one's sensibilities, so a ski resort seems like a better option.