2018-2019 Exec Board

President – Elena Trafton

I went to my first interest meeting because my friend said it was fun, but it was the people there who made me laugh and want to come back. Now I’ve learned how to dance and I love the dance for itself! Every dance has a character: ballroom is formal, and Latin and blues are sexy, but lindy hop is just fun. I also love the community. No matter where I go, I can find friendly lindy hoppers ready to dance the night away. Now I have friends from all over the east coast, just because I’ve danced all over. It really is the best group of people at JMU and worldwide.

Joined Spring Semester, 2017

Vice President – Emily Suleski

I joined swing dance club freshman year with my roommate and I immediately feel in love with the culture! Everyone here is so nice and easy to talk to! Swing dance also reignited my love for dancing which grows as I dance more.

Joined Fall Semester, 2016

Secretary – Carver Johnson

I joined this club because I had $20 and a dream… and I couldn’t find Italian club at student org night. I would recommend this club because it doesn’t take any prior experience. I knew nothing about swing my first day and now I’m one of the instructors. For me, swing dance is all about the people. They definitely make it easy to stay.

Joined Fall Semester, 2016

Social Chair – Erin Arnold

I joined this club because my FROG said she always had a lot of fun when she went with her roommate. It was the best decision I ever made! I feel so fortunate to be able to get back into dancing and to have made so many wonderful friends along the way.

Joined Fall Semester, 2017

Treasurer – Tyler Machi

Joined Spring Semester, 2018